Six Pieces of Etiquette to Bear in Mind When Practicing Martial Arts

When you are partaking in martial arts there are many etiquette rules that you should follow, and here you can read about six of them.

Phillipe Gendrault grew up training in Judo, but when he moved to San Francisco he discovered Aikido, and fell in love with it. He joined the San Francisco Aikikai Club and was taught by the very best. He was eventually given a job as an instructor and is respected by all of his students. Below he gives us some very important etiquette rules that you must know when training at any martial arts gym.

Respect the Instructor

There is a good reason why your instructor has a Black Belt on his waist or a picture of him with a title belt or four, and that is because they have been training ten times longer than you have and are there to share with you what you have learned. Always show your instructor the respect that they deserve and acknowledge the effort that they have put in to get where they are today. You should always ask the instructor for permission. For example, if you show up to the class late, seek approval before you join in. If you really need a drink, ask your instructor for permission before you go and get some water.

Always be Hygienic

Whether it is trimming your nails or wearing a clean gi, basic hygiene is essential, especially when taking part in martial arts. You are going to close to your training partner, so show them some common courtesy by making sure that you practice basic hygiene. If you are going to attend two classes in a row, you will probably be quite sweaty after the first, so keep a change of clothes in your bag.

Look After Your Training Partners

Your training partner is not your personal punching bag or grappling dummy. When you are sparing with your partner, try to stick to the techniques that you have learned, instead of going all out on your partner. If you are too erratic, nobody will want to spar with you. You should pick a training partner that is similar in size as this means that you will use technique instead of brute strength.

There is No Time for Excuses

Listening to someone complain all of the time is not just demoralising for the whole class, but it also shows your lack of determination and motivation. Before you step foot on the mats, you should remember that you are there to get fit and learn some new techniques. If you are going to continue to make excuses, you might as well just stay at home. You should always think positive and remember that nothing comes easy in this life, you have got to work for it.

Do Not Speak During Class

The quickest way to disrespect and annoy your instructor is to speak while they are teaching. This shows that you have no intention to learn and are just there to hang out with friends. Furthermore, you will not be able to execute the moves that you are learning properly because you were not paying attention. If you have something to say, just save it for after the class. The lesson is only one hour long, so fit as much learning in as you can.

Do Not Come to Class Sick

If you have been feeling sick all day, then you probably will not feel better during training. If you are ill, show your instructor and fellow learners some respect and skip the class, Yes, you might want to push yourself because you feel like you are a warrior, but your instructor and training partners do not want to catch whatever it is that you have. If you are sick, stay in bed and watch some tutorials on YouTube, there are plenty of great ones out there.

Some Final Words from Phillipe

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