A Slot Machine is the Reason Why the San Francisco Aikikai Club Exists

The San Francisco Aikikai Club came about thanks to a huge win on a slot machine. You can find out more right here

Therefore, he gave up on the idea and just carried on taking lessons himself, so that he could improve his own skills and become an instructor at someone else’s school one day. Before he opened this school, he was a computer technician, so he was making quite a bit of money but nowhere near enough to make his dream come true.

Apart from aikido, Posluns enjoyed doing one other thing, which was gambling. A few evenings a week he would gamble at the local casino https://www.najlepszeonlinekasyno.pl/, being careful that he didn’t lose more money than he could afford.

In 1991, Lady Luck Was Shining Upon Him

In 1991, Posluns had been gambling for about a decade, but the most that he had ever won was a few thousand dollars. This was nice, but it was certainly not enough to open an aikido school and hire some of the best instructors around. You see, not only did he want to create an aikido school, he wanted to create one of the best aikido schools in the country.

When it came to gambling, Posluns was a slots fan. He did play with strategy the occasional games of poker and blackjack, but he always had more fun trying his luck at slot games. It was a slot game that he won a few thousand dollars on.

One Wednesday evening in September, Posluns was bored at home because his wife was out with some of her friends. It wasn’t an evening where he usually went to the casino (he would usually go on a Monday and Thursday evening), but he told himself that he would go that evening and then skip it the following day and spend some time with his wife. It was a decision that would change his life and help his dreams come true.

He walked into one of the local casinos and walked up to the closest slot machine and started playing. To this day, he cannot even remember the name of the slot machine that he played that night. He had been playing for an hour and had broken about even and was considering calling it a night and heading home. However, he decided to stick one more dollar into the online slot and have one final go. He also considered playing online in his spare time, while using no deposit casino bonuses. This helps him to train online on free slots and specialized himself on free ZA slots via onlinecasinoza.co.za/free-online-slots.html .

Lady Luck must have been walking by at that precise moment because he hit the jackpot. He called over one of the casino workers to ask them if what he was seeing was correct and that it wasn’t all part of some cruel malfunction. They informed him that it was perfectly true and that he had just won the jackpot of $2 million. He is not ashamed to admit that he started crying that night.

His Dream Could Now be Completed

He went home and told his wife the good new and they both cried for an hour. She knew how much opening an aikido school meant to him, so she was just extremely happy that he would now be able to achieve his lifelong dreams.

He spent the next few weeks looking for the perfect place to set up his school, and he found it on Bush Street, which, ironically, is in the heart of Japan Town.

He then set about finding quality instructors that could work alongside him and help him to achieve his vision of having one of the best aikido schools in the country and outside Japan. It took him a couple of months to find the ideal instructors, but he managed in the end.

His dream was finally completed in February of 1992 when he opened the doors of his school for the very first time. The school has now been in business for nearly three decades, so it is safe to say that he is realizing his vision.

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