Three Reasons Why Blackjack is the Best Online Casino Game

Steve Sandage started training at the San Francisco Akikai Club when it first opened its doors back in 1997. He received his Shodan in 2005, and then five years later he started to teach at the club. He absolutely loves his job and gets the utmost satisfaction from seeing all of his students improve their skills. When he is not teaching Akikai, he has another hobby and that is playing blackjack online. Below we are going to take a look at why online blackjack has become so popular all over the world.

The Chance to Use Strategies

Casino games have their very own spectrum of what strategies can be implemented to try and improve a player’s chances of winning. For example, there are slot games where there are no strategies that can be used – you just have to hope that luck is on your side. On the other hand, there are more complicated games such as poker where strategies should be applied when it comes to making bets, responding to opponent’s moves, and the best way to make use of your cards.

Blackjack sits somewhere close to the top of the strategy spectrum because you need basic strategies if you want to pick up frequent wins. However, the strategies are pretty simple and just focus on the cards. The strategies that you can make use of when playing this entertaining game are the same no matter how many decks are being used or how many players there are at the table.

Sandage likes that fact that he can use strategies to increase his chances of winning, but he also likes the fact that he does not get too overwhelmed. When he is playing poker, he ends up getting annoyed and frustrated because he worries about whether he placed the correct bet or whether he just read his opponents wrong. However, when he is playing some blackjack, all he has to focus on is the cards that are in front of him.

In his view, the most beneficial way to learn blackjack strategies is to take the time to memorise a strategy chart. Such charts take probability into consideration and tell the moves that you should consider depending on what two cards you received, and the face-up card that the dealer has. When you play online blackjack at an online casino, you can leave this chart open on another tab and refer to it when the time is right. So, if you like games where you can have an influence on the outcome, blackjack is what you have been looking for. Those who enjoy playing more complex games such as poker, might find that the best way to relax after is to play some blackjack.

There is a Good Chance of Winning

Another reason why Sandage prefers to play blackjack instead of other online casino games is the fact that there is always a good chance of winning money when playing blackjack. When it comes to house edges, blackjack is known to have one of the lowest around. The lower a casino’s house edge is, the more chance you will have of walking away with some wins. All casino games have a house edge as this is how the casino, whether a brick and mortar one or online one, makes its money. However, it is something that can vary quite a lot depending on the game that you are playing and whether you are using a strategy or not.

For example, slots have a house edge between 3% and 20%, while most table games will have a house edge that varies depending on what type of bet you can make. For example, when you are playing craps you can have a house edge as low as 1.4% if you make a Come or Pass bet, but other types of craps bets can have a house edge of 5% all the way up to 17%.

Blackjack is another game where the house edge will vary depending on how you are playing, but it does not vary as much as it can with other table games. Each hand is different, so there is no single move that can decrease the house edge for every hand. However, if you pay attention to the aforementioned strategy chart, then the house edge will stay between 0.2% and 2%, which means that this is a casino game that has some of the best odds.

It is Very Sociable

One thing that Sandage finds extremely unique about blackjack is that on one hand it is not considered a social game because you are not competing against other players but, on another hand, you can still talk to other players when you are playing blackjack at an online casino.

Craps is a game that can be really chaotic when many people are playing at the same time, while poker requires you to try and bet all the other players at the table. Blackjack sits in the middle somewhere, and you can select your interaction levels depending on the mood that you are in. Sandage says that when he does not feel like speaking, he plays online and disables the chat function, so that he can just focus on winning some money. However, when he feels like talking, he will play some live blackjack and chat with the dealer and whoever else is sitting at his table.